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Beuron is the eponymous town for the overall community. Within this town, you will find the Beuron Monastery (see the picture above). As a place of sought-after seclusion, Beuron attracts relaxation seekers, hikers, and pilgrims equally.


Hausen im Tal

In 1020, the Andechs chronicles first mentioned Hausen im Tal as a military stronghold. In 1682 the last knight from Hausen died without progeny. The fief then fell to the kingdom of Austria, where it passed to the Fugger family. For a short term, it belonged to Wurttemberg, then finally Hausen became part of the Baden territory in 1810. In present-day Hausen, you can find the Town Hall and the Tourist office of the municipality of Beuron.




Even the town of Thiergarten refers to an eventful history. Thiergarten is first documented in 1275 as a separately managed parish. The smallest 3-aisled basilica north of the Alps is a special treasure. Today Thiergarten is a small, endearing town with a very good gastronomic offering.



Neidingen’s history goes back to 1390. Originally part of the principality Falkenstein, Neidingen’s history is closely associated with that of Hausen. In the immediate vicinity of the well-known Schaufelsen with its beautiful views, Neidingen is a popular starting point for many hikes in the Danube valley and of the Schwäbisch Alp plateau.



Langenbrunn emerged as a fief of the lords of Castro Virst (from the Fuerstenburg) in the 11th century. It is located on a hillside just below an imposing rock formation, where upon the famous castle Warenwag stands.


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Bürgermeisteramt Beuron
Kirchstr. 18
88631 Beuron OT Hausen
Tel. 07579 9210 0
Fax: 07579 9210 25

Bürgermeisteramt Beuron - Kirchstr. 18 - 88631 Beuron OT Hausen - Tel. 07579 92100 - Fax: 07579/9210-25