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Welcome to the Monastery of Beuron


Already in 777, a monastery stood in the area of the soldier cemetery and was later destroyed by the Hungarians. The monastery, erected in the current day location starting in 1077 until its dissolution, is one of the oldest Augustinian choir houses in Germany. Secularized in 1802, Beuron became the property of the Fürstenhaus Hohenzollern - Sigmaringen. 1863 marked a new beginning of monastic life in Beuron by the Benedictine monks Maurus and Placidus Wolter, thanks to a foundation of the Princess Catherine von Hohenzollern.

In the course of the Prussian cultural struggle from 1875 to 1887, the monks were expelled. The Abbey of Beuron is the founding monastery of the Beuron Benedictine Congregation, with 16 monasteries in Germany, Austria and South Tyrol.

Visit of the monastery church - slide show over the monastery

The monastery church is open all day, it can be visited outside the service hours. Church tours are possible for groups by arrangement with the guest patron (tel. 07466 / 17-175). Since a visit to the monastery is not possible, a lecture on the monastery is offered, which is shown for groups by appointment with the guest patron (tel. 07466 / 17-158).


Religious services in the monastery church of Beuron



5:00 AM – Morning Praise

6:00 AM – Holy Mass in the Mercy Chapel

8:00 AM – Parish Mass (Wednesday and Friday)

11:00 AM – Monastery Mass

5:00 PM – Rosary in the Mercy Chapel

6:00 PM – Vesper (evening snack)

8:00 PM – Complete (excluding Tuesday)



5:00 Uhr – Morning Praise

8:00 Uhr – Holy Mass

9:30 Uhr – Monastery Mass

11:00 Uhr – Holy Mass

14:15 Uhr – Rosary

15:00 Uhr – Vesper (evening snack) – Sacremental blessings

20:00 Uhr – Complete


Monastery Church Hours of Operation:

daily 5:00 AM - 8:15 PM


... Much more information is available on the official homepage of the Monastery of Beuron


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Bürgermeisteramt Beuron
Kirchstr. 18
88631 Beuron OT Hausen
Tel. 07579 9210 0
Fax: 07579 9210 25

Bürgermeisteramt Beuron - Kirchstr. 18 - 88631 Beuron OT Hausen - Tel. 07579 92100 - Fax: 07579/9210-25