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From every starting point in the area, hikers are offered an unbelievable variety of possibilities. Whether for contemplative strolls or for athletically challenging tours through the steep slopes, hikers enjoy viewpoints framing the valley. For every need, there is a wealth of opportunities for magnificent experiences in nature and breathtaking landscapes. Some very amazing hiking trails begin here.



Cycling is gaining popularity in the recreation area. Because it is environmentally friendly, it constitutes an essential contribution to gentle tourism. In addition, cycling provides a more intense impression of nature and landscape. The diversity of the animal and plant world is consciously perceived. One of the most attractive sections of the Danube Cycling Hiking Trail Donaueschingen – Passau runs through our entire community. The route following the path along the valley offers ideal conditions as a family cycling trail. All the places throughout the recreation area are connected by marked bike paths.


Boat touring on the Young Danube

In recent years, boat touring has dramatically increased on the young Danube. Be aware that this seemingly harmless leisure activity can quickly become dangerous through treacherous water current conditions! In addition, we ask boat tourists to take precautions to preserve nature and bird life. As precautionary measures, the Danube between Fridingen and the railroad bridge above Beuron is closed the entire year. Please comply with the latest valid boat regulations!



The Tennis Club of Hausen has the most scenic grounds of the surrounding area. Also, both courts are equipped with modern flooring. Guest tickets are available through the Tennis Club of Hausen im Tal, tel. 0151 67 50 84 83. The arrangement of coaching sessions is possible via the TC Hausen.



With characteristic Jurassic limestone cliffs, the Danube valley is a popular goal of hobby climbers and Alpinists. Some parts of the cliffs in the municipality of Beuron are available for climbing. Others are restricted in order not to disrupt the sensitive natural environment. Please ask for the current climbing list at Verkehrsamt Beuron or see it directly.


Concerts, Festivals

Throughout the summer, several church concerts are held in the monastery church of Beuron, as well as in the district of Hausen by the Hausen Music Club. In addition, local associations organize various festivals in the course of the year. You will also find the dates of these events in the event calendar.


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