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Beuron is the name of the whole region. There you will also find the Beuron Monastery (see the photo above). As a place of sought-after seclusion, Beuron attracts relaxation seekers, hikers, and pilgrims equally.


Beuron lies along the southwestern border of Sigmaringen county and borders Tuttlingen county. Besides the attractive landscape of the Upper Danube Valley and the buildings of the Benedictine Abbey Beuron, the community still has several interesting facilities, including the privately-owned Werewag castle, various castle ruins and other buildings.


In the Upper Danube Valley, you can see the earth’s history for the last 160 million years. Between the erosion of the limestone from the Jurassic sea to the water struggle between the Rheine and the Danube is where the Geology book opens. Circular formations of white limestone rocks accompany the deep incised river valley.


The scenic Upper Danube is a nature park and in some areas a nature preserve as well as a natural monument. It offers a historical view of the continual geological processes such as erosion, karstification, and fluvial capture. The view from Eichfelsen to Irndorf is a spectacular natural experience and is visited by a considerable number of people each year.



The Beuron Community in numbers:


State: Baden-Württemberg
Region: Tübingen
Country: Sigmaringen
Coordinants: 48°3 N, 8°58 O
Area: 35,11 km²
Residents: 670
Population Density (residents/ km²): 19,5
Min Altitude above sea level (m): 582,5
Max Altitude above sea level (m): 870,69
Postal Code: 88631
License Plate: SIG
Community structure: 5 districts
Adress for Community Administration:

Beuron-Hausen im Tal
Kirchstr. 18
88631 Beuron

Mayor: Raphael Osmakowski-Miller



Beuron im LKR Sigmaringen



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Bürgermeisteramt Beuron
Kirchstr. 18
88631 Beuron OT Hausen
Tel. 07579 9210 0
Fax: 07579 9210 25

Bürgermeisteramt Beuron - Kirchstr. 18 - 88631 Beuron OT Hausen - Tel. 07579 92100 - Fax: 07579/9210-25