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Dear Citizens and Guests,


A warm welcome to our new website for Beuron and surrounding communities. As the mayor, I have a personal commitment to keeping the website current and informative for both citizens and guests.


With our expanded and updated presence on the Internet, we will help you educate yourself quickly and comprehensively about Beuron.


Beuron is situated in the Junge Donau, or Young Danube, gorge between Tuttlingen and Sigmaringen in the foothills of the Schwäbisch Alps in Baden-Wurtemburg. The area proudly offers many nature and hiking trails with wonderful views within and overlooking the Danube Valley.


Today, Beuron is more than just a name. Our name has strong historical connections to the former Augustine monks and the present-day Benedictine monks of the St. Martin Monastery. In 2013, St. Martin Monastery celebrated their 150th Anniversary.


Beuron has several municipalities within the Upper Danube Valley. The following cities are part of the Beuron community: Hausen im Tal including Neidingen, Langebrunn and Thiergarten. Beuron stretches 25km along the Young Danube and is the centerpiece of the Naturpark Obere Donau, or Upper Danube Nature Park. Most impressive to visitors is how the Young Danube carved its way through the Schwäbisch Alps. The Young Danube winds its way through the valley lined by unique rock formations and beautiful forests.


Far from industry and busy highways, a picturesque landscape with a network of well-maintained and clearly-signed hiking trails awaits you. Especially family friendly is the Danube Bike and Hiking Trail Donauradwanderweg Donauschingen – Passau that runs through the Beuron region with views of fortresses, castles and ruins. In addition, two other quality hiking trails, Donau-Zollernalb-Weg and Donauberglandweg, meet in Beuron. In 2014, the latter was named the second most beautiful trail in Germany. The premium trail Donauwellen is also highly coveted for hiking tours. The Eichfelsen-Panorama and the Donaufelsen-Tour trails pass through the Beuron region as well. The premium hiking is completed with the trails: Klippeneck-Steig, the Kraftstein-Runde and the Donauversinkung.


Beuron is a worthwhile destination in every season for nature-lovers, hikers, climbers, and bike riders, as well as boat drivers and all the other people who enjoy spending time and exercising in nature.


That’s also why our motto reads: “Naturally in Beuron”. Not only does it refer to the beauty outdoors, it's also interesting to note that Beuron provides more renewable energy with water turbines, solar, and biogas than what the community itself needs.


Within the highest rock formations north of the Alps, you will find friendly accommodations providing the most pleasant stay.


High and proud rising above the Young Danube valley sit the Burg Werenwag and the Burg Wildenstein. The ruins of Falkenstein and Schloss Hausen also greet you from their respective mountaintops. Zimmer’sche Chronik pays high respect to the age of Burg Falkenstein when it mentioned the Burg Falkenstein and the attack of the Huns in the same sentence during the period from 919 A.D. to 973 A.D. The ruins of Burg Falkenstein represent one of the oldest castles along the Danube.


The Danube valley offers rock formations with climbing routes in the six different alpine difficulty grades. These rock formations attract climbers from around the world.


The local camping area with views of the valley’s cliffs and forests lies along the ‘Young Danube’ and is naturally integrated into the landscape.


Another point of interest in the Danube valley near Thiergarten is the smallest Roman triple-arched basilica church north of the Alps.


The train line offers a big advantage in the Danube valley including train stops in Hausen im Tal and Beuron. Guests and nature-lovers travel comfortably and arrive here every two hours. The Naturparkexpress offers another stop in Thiergarten in the summer months.


Besides nature activities, our attractions are a miniature golf course, a ski hill, and a tennis court as well as a hydrotherapeudic bath (Kneipp Cure) in Beuron. Right now we are working towards making a children’s playground in Hausen im Tal for our residents and visitors. We also offer camping trailer hookups in Beuron at the Monastery parking lot.


So you can see, there’s a lot going on in Beuron and you are warmly welcomed to spend your vacation in the ‘Young Danube’ valley here in Beuron and its neighboring communities. Where? Naturally in Beuron!



Raphael Osmakowski-Miller



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